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Theology with a Four-Year Old

So The Kid asks, "How did the bad people get to be in the world?" [He asks often about good guys and bad guys. This is something that Cormac McCarthy absolutely nails in The Road. Little boys are very into this.]

Theologian Dad, with a sense of diplomacy: "I don't know, son. I don't know."

The Kid: "Well I'm going to kick them."

Theologian Dad: "Good job, son, good job."


The Kid: "Did you know that Jesus was born in a stable because there weren't any doctors or nurses back then? Did you know that? I figured that out by myself. Nobody told me that. I figured that out. There weren't any hospitals back then either, that's why Jesus was born in a stable."

Theologian Dad: "Uhh, okay."

The Book (Christian Theology and Tragedy)

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