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iPads and Schools: Turnitin

One of the challenges with using tablet devices in a school setting is integrating with things such as Blackboard and Turnitin. These services needed things to be uploaded through a web browser, which was pretty much impossible from a tablet device. But now Blackboard and Turnitin feature Dropbox and Google Drive integration. Now you really can type a paper and submit it all on an iPad. With instructors able to grade through the Turnitin app, with full access to marking papers, rubrics, and even voice comments, the move to mobile computing seems more and more certain.

What continues to challenge schools in terms of mobile computing is strong, consistent wifi, since these tablets don't have corded options to the internet, printing (AirPrint is fairly unusual and even impossible in a school setting), and backups. If an iPad is your only device, you are facing a world of pain if you lose your photos, work, emails, and so on.

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