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Overcast iOS podcast app is terrific

I really enjoy podcasts. They are a great way to keep up with topics, and it's a cheap, easy hobby to have. Technology, economics, philosophy, theology all have great podcasts in their respective fields. They are great for cleaning up the kitchen.

I've had frustration with various podcast player apps. Some of them are too complicated, while some have glaring omissions. I want something that makes it easy to play good stuff, and will keep playing various shows in succession. I don't want complicated playlists; I want it to keep playing while I'm scrubbing out pots. I want rewind and fast forward very easily available, as that's a great feature for me. Downcast, Castro, Casts, and Instacast are all great in their own ways, but are either too fiddly or don't allow continuous play, or don't make fast forward very easy. (I can't tell you how many times I've tried to fast forward and skipped the whole show, which sometimes auto deletes it as well. Very annoying). Some of the apps get cranky if you unplug an external speaker cord while it's playing.

Overcast gets it just right. You can have faster playback, you can fast forward, you can continuous play. The visual feedback is great, you can glance at how far into the show you are (5 minutes left means dry more dishes; 45 minutes left in a show means start another chore). Overcast doesn't freak out when I plug in or unplug speaker cables in the car. It even has fast forward and rewind in the lock screen. Further, you can try before you buy, in that you only pay if you want the premium features (which you definitely do; a voice EQ seems an obvious feature, now that Overcast has offered it). Its icon is also refreshingly not red; many of the other podcast apps are red, which leads to visual confusion with the iOS Music app. Overcast went with a snazzy orange and great icon.

Overcast is great. It's in my dock.

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