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Thoughts on the iPhone 6 Plus

It’s all about the screen and the battery with this lovely little beast. The screen feels absolutely luxurious in terms of quality and size; colors are bright and everything appears right there, just under the glass (and not on the other side of the glass, and most screens feel). Videos and text feel roomy and un-cramped, like you can sort of mentally stretch within these borders. The battery is a real joy too, finally breaking the “crapping out at the end of the day” cycle of other iPhone model batteries (which is the chief complaint I hear from iPhone users; my mother-in-law permanently carries around a battery recharger in her purse).

The iPhone 6 Plus has a terrific heft to it, feeling perfectly weighted for its size so that it's not too light to slip from your hand but not tiresomely heavy. The rounded sides make it very attractive, along with the matte appearance of the space grey back. I was never too crazy about the iPhone 4 and 5 design with square and sharp edges. The original iPhone and 3GS had this same sort of curvature that’s really delightful. The iPhone 6 Plus’ curved back is a bit slippery, though.

Is it too large? It’s really hard to say. You do treat this guy differently, with two hands or propped up or cradled somehow. It’s not as casual a device (and therefore it might pair very well with the Apple Watch, which will restore that ability to casually glance at your device that the iPhone 6 Plus loses). I do have to stretch a bit to get around the screen, and some screens (such as the Music app in play mode) look oddly lost amid all the extra space. But it's so much fun, so powerful yet personal. It reminds me of the first time I used an iPad and it felt like some sort of impossible quantum leap.

The jury is still out in some ways, as I want to experience it over several days' usage. The Apple Store return policy is an option for me to go and swap this 6 Plus out for the iPhone 6 if doesn't ultimately work out. But this guy is so much fun, so different and so immersive with a great battery (and a terrific camera I’ve not even explored), that I imagine I’ll stay with the 6 Plus.

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