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Apple's Genius ads--what's the message?

Apple's mostly maligned Genius ads have come and now gone (at least for now). I thought they were fine, even cute.

Some have asked, what's the point? The point is, everything's going to be alright. Technology can be downright flabbergasting, but Apple and its Geniuses want you to know that they will solve the problem and get you back to work.

That's a good message, especially for Apple's new target audience of those Mac first-timers. It's an exaggerated claim, of course, since technology always lets us down; it's simply too complicated not to, especially with cloud and cloud sync. Computers are doing amazing things, which makes for amazing problems as well. Not a week goes by that something doesn't need attending to on one our family's electronic machines.

But I appreciate the sentiment, and do truly hope for a time when all the tech is truly alright.

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