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The Apple Watch and Chores

The Apple Watch and Chores

The Apple Watch (or some other activity tracker) has changed my attitude towards home maintenance and chores. I’ve always disliked mowing the grass, but knowing I’ll burn 300 calories while doing it has transformed my attitude – hey, here’s something I can do to hit my daily goal!

I’ve been surprised how many steps and calories I hit while simply cleaning the house or cooking dinner. (Being active, surprisingly, makes one active.) Moving around the house and picking things up will get you to 10,000 steps faster than you think, as does moving around the kitchen. Again, what’s interesting to me is my mental shift; instead of thinking, ugh, I should clean up this room, I’m aware that cleaning up the room will get me closer to burning 500 calories.

Chores, while always annoying, become less annoying with the reward of the Apple Watch.


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